HN Construction Limited is a full service general contractor. We have experience in wide ranging areas from institutional, commercial, heritage, laboratory, medical and long term health facilities.

Working our way from the construction boom and bust cycles since the late 1970’s, HN remains strong because of its commitment to performing beyond expectations and to the highest standards of quality.

HN is fully equipped to perform virtually any type of construction service and type of contract, from traditional linear processes such as 'Design-Tender-Bid-Construction' to more integrative 'Design-Build' contracts as well as Construction and Project Management. HN continually looks forward and our staff are more than capable in implementing sustainable buildings projects such as LEED and BOMA Go Green.  When working with HN, we make no secret as to our operations and are completely transparent with our colleagues and clients.

HN will continue to develop, adapt and improve our quality as it always has over its long history.